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Most of the time, I write silly things about life. I love laughter, sarcasm and wit. I, personally, think (most of) these posts are rather funny. Ok, let’s be real, I think I’m hilarious. However, most people would think they’re just silly. So, in lieu of titling this category “Humor,” I went the safer route. Everyone might not agree on the hilarity of these posts, but I think we can all agree that they’re silly. And what’s life without a little silliness?

I feel your pain, Star Wars generation

I went to see Monsters, Inc. for my 9th birthday. My friends and I sat in the front of the theater. We were too young to realize that the front row is always a poor life choice. But despite our … Continue reading

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British Television, According to Emily

It’s better than all other television. I almost ended this blog post with that sentence, but I thought I should explain why I think this (even though I know you won’t disagree with me). British television is the best, and … Continue reading

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Why The Harlem Shake Should Go Away, According to Emily

I can sum up my feelings about the internet-video sensation The Harlem Shake in three simple words: I loath it. Internet users, we are going to have a heart to heart. Stop Harlem Shaking. Stop sharing videos of the Harlem … Continue reading

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Folk Bands vs. A Capella Groups

One great question has plagued me lately: Would I rather be in a folk band or an A Capella group? Both are equally appealing. And, admittedly, equally unlikely. But these are the things I think about when my mind is … Continue reading

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Fear, According to Emily

How does one go from having a healthy dose of fear, to an overdose of unhealthy, obsessive-like fear? I was once a happy, carefree girl. Sure, encountering the occasional insect or arachnid put a damper on my happy, carefree attitude, but Daddy … Continue reading

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Olympic Emotions

I feel like I’m obligated to write an Olympic-themed blog post as part of some unspoken blogger pact which proves my patriotism. While I am patriotic, this post is only vaguely related to the Olympics. Rather, it is about the olympics … Continue reading

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Things I’ll Tell My Future Children To Do

During the summer my mom leaves us a list of chores to be done before she returns from work. They usually consist of things such as “clean the kitchen,” “fold the clothes,” etc. As a proponent of child labor (that … Continue reading

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