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Fear, According to Emily

How does one go from having a healthy dose of fear, to an overdose of unhealthy, obsessive-like fear? I was once a happy, carefree girl. Sure, encountering the occasional insect or arachnid put a damper on my happy, carefree attitude, but Daddy … Continue reading

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Excuse me while I act like the excitable young girl I am

Today is the best day ever for two reasons: I just got a hair cut. Hair cut days are always good days (Unless, of course, your hair cut looks bad. Which mine does not). More importantly: The first issue of … Continue reading

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Welcome to my apartment. I promise I’m not 14.

Well folks, I’m back at college. And I’m super excited about it. I have an on campus apartment this year, and it’s basically awesome. I get to play house and cook food and decorate like a grown up. Let me … Continue reading

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Public Images, According to Emily

So I don’t really like the little picture that is my icon for WordPress. It’s official name is “Gravatar” something something. Whatever. I don’t like my little picture thingy. I would like to change said picture. How am I supposed … Continue reading

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Olympic Emotions

I feel like I’m obligated to write an Olympic-themed blog post as part of some unspoken blogger pact which proves my patriotism. While I am patriotic, this post is only vaguely related to the Olympics. Rather, it is about the olympics … Continue reading

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