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My Bucket List

Preface: This blog post is rather short, and didn’t require much thought. Why, you ask? I’m at the beach! I finally finished Return of the King, and just started Sense and Sensibility this afternoon, sitting under the shade of an … Continue reading

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Can I Please Be a Nerd For a Second?

Ok, so it will probably take you longer than one second to read this post, but please grant me nerd-dom until I am done. I went to a new yarn store today. Exciting, right? Maybe not for you, but for … Continue reading

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Things I’ll Tell My Future Children To Do

During the summer my mom leaves us a list of chores to be done before she returns from work. They usually consist of things such as “clean the kitchen,” “fold the clothes,” etc. As a proponent of child labor (that … Continue reading

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I Am (Or Rather, My Blog Is) Lovely!

While I’ve known this fact for quite a while, it seems that other people are finally realizing how lovely I am my blog is. Yes, it’s true. I have been nominated for the One Lovely Blogger Award. The rules are … Continue reading

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Accidentally Falling Asleep, According To Emily

An alternate title for this post could be: Purposefully Falling Asleep, According To Emily. Because sometimes you plan naps, and sometimes they sneak-attack you. Even though I usually wake up disoriented and sometimes panicky, I relish napping (intentional or otherwise). … Continue reading

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Exercising, According To Emily

(Confession: It took me at least five tries to spell “exercising” correctly… I am not proud of this fact…) Historically, I do not exercise. At all. Not even a little bit. Perhaps that’s why I can’t spell “exercise” and the variations … Continue reading

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