Hipsters, According to Emily

I like to think I’m a hipster. Or at least, I try to be as hipster as possible. Though, due to the fact I have to try so hard, I’m probably not one.

Hipster or not, I find the hipster sub-culture and its many facets rather interesting. I mean, who doesn’t love a good v-neck with a “frocket” (that is, front-pocket)?

The Hipster V-Neck

I happen to own this v-neck. See? I am a hipster.

Frockets aside, a hipster is more than his v-neck, Toms and bands you’ve never heard of. As a self-proclaimed admirer of hipsters (and as a journalist), I enjoy observing hipsters and learning their mysterious ways. This makes me feel like a hipster expert–a connoisseur of sorts. In fact, I believe “hipster” is too broad a definition, for there are many different sub-categories within the category of hipster. I’ve thus far identified and defined four: The Coffee Shop Hipster, Born-in-the-wrong-decade Hipster, Mountain Man Hipster, and Hippie-ster. Let me share some of my perceived hipster stereotypes with you, as I use a colon for the second time in a row:

NOTE: The gender pronouns used do not necessarily indicate the gender of every hipster in any given category.

NOTE THE SECOND: These are stereotypical observations. While I believe stereotypes develop for a reason, I also understand that not every hipster fits any of the moulds below.

The Coffee Shop Hipster

As the title suggests, you may find this hipster working in a coffee shop. Though, no matter how many fancy ways he knows how to make coffee, lattes, mochas, etc., he drinks his coffee black, no sugar. It’s most likely fair trade coffee. The coffee shop hipster wears deep v-necks and incredibly tight pants with Toms or other canvas-like shoes. Scarves and sock-hats in the summer are other typical accessories of the coffee ship hipster.

Hipster Barista

Herego, the Coffee Shop Hipster. Can also be referred to as “Hipster Barista.”

Born-in-the-wrong-decade Hipster

If ever a genre of hipster I ascribed to be, born-in-the-wrong-decade hipster would be that genre. This hipster has an affinity for vintage clothing, accessories and trinkets. She shops in thrift stores and vintage stores, or regular stores specializing in vintage-style clothing. She also sports winged eyeliner and red lipstick. Horn-rimmed glasses? This hipster wears them. To visualize, think of a young person raiding your grandmother’s closet.

The Mountain Man Hipster

Flannel. And a beard. Slightly-disheveled hair. He, too, can be seen wearing Toms. Though, he prefers Chacos–especially when hiking.

Mountain Man Hipster

Andy Hull, of Manchester Orchestra, is a perfect example (Oh, you’ve never heard of this band? How hipster of me…).

The Hippie-ster

If a hippie were to get in a time machine and visit us here in modern-day America, she would feel most at home with the hippie-ster. The modern-day-hippie hipster buys organic food from local farmer’s markets. She supports fair trade. Her bags are slouchy, as are most of her clothes. Her hair is long, and sometimes she doesn’t shave her armpits. The hippie hipster longs for the days of Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan. Chances are, she attended some Occupy protests.

This is by no means a comprehensive or exhaustive list, as my research on hipsters in on-going. One day I hope to accomplish such a feat. Perhaps I will publish a book entitled “The Hipster: A Reference Guide” or something along those lines.

Vive la différence,



About Emily

I tend to embody the definition of "first world problems," so one night when I knew I needed to shower but didn't want to--in true first-world fashion--I created this blog. There were ulterior motives, however. I'm a journalism and french major at Mercer University, which means I enjoy writing (and France, apparently). I also like to think that I'm witty, and that the world needs to hear (or, rather, read) my wit. "La Vie, Selon Emily" means "Life, According to Emily." Emily, being myself. Now that that's out of the way, who is Emily? Funny you should ask, because I've made a short list: I was raised in the Georgia suburbs on a beautiful little thing they call "sarcasm." My parents taught me at a young age to appreciate this age-old art, and I like to think I've mastered their craft. I'm also quite the girly girl: Disney princesses were my childhood, and dressing up is my favorite. Despite whatever conclusions you may have drawn from #2, yellow, not pink, is my favorite color. I love commas, and feel that I use them too liberally. I love thinking and learning new things, and I love making others think and learn new things. I am a voracious reader, and I love the word "voracious." I just realized that I've used the word "love" entirely too much thus far. I sing in the shower. I sing in the car. I pretty much sing a lot, and I like to think I'm decent at it. If you give me grape juice, I'll be your friend. I will also be your friend if you love on me (examples include giving me a hug, rubbing my back or arm, playing with my hair, cuddling with me, etc.). I have two mottos in life: Any dress with pockets is a dress worth having, and any man who wears bow ties is a man worth dating (I will acknowledge that there are exceptions to these rules, as with all rules). Semi-finally, but most importantly, I am an utterly depraved sinner saved by God's unfailing grace and love. I will leave you with this french proverb: "A l'œuvre, on connaît l'artisan."
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6 Responses to Hipsters, According to Emily

  1. ha! my rule of thumb is, if you have to try to be a hipster, you probably aren’t. otherwise, it’s just so dang hard to keep up with it! 🙂 Great post, btw.

  2. I think you’re the first person I’ve met with a totally positive opinion of hipsters; I’ve met a few who I found to be a bit aloof and aggressive with their proclaimed interests. That said though, I notice you’re from Georgia, where people are talented and start trends. (I’m basing this solely on my knowledge of Neutral Milk Hotel.) Excellent post though!

    • Emily says:

      Thank you! Yes I actually love hipsters, and think they’re interesting (and super cool). (: Georgia, specifically Atlanta, has a good many up-and-coming musicians and such. We’re a talented state, and we’re all pretty awesome. But I could just be biased… (:

      • Off the back of this, I thought I’d have a go myself at writing about this most mysterious of beasts, googled a list of hipster attributes and had a colossal ‘Oh God That’s Me’ moment – although I imagine hipsters were having ‘Oh God That’s Me’ moments before it was cool. 😉 I’ll credit you when I’ve finished it.

      • Emily says:

        Sweet, thanks!

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