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I Won An Award!

Ok, so it isn’t that big of a deal, but I have been so graciously awarded the Liebster Blog Award by the kind Lea Jurock. Actually, I’ve never met her before so I have no idea if she is actually … Continue reading

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The Oxford Comma, According to Emily

I have a love/hate relationship with the Oxford comma. As a young, impressionable elementary schooler, I was instructed in the ways of correct grammar and proper writing. (I don’t know what they’re teaching kids nowadays, but if certain social networking … Continue reading

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Hipsters, According to Emily

I like to think I’m a hipster. Or at least, I try to be as hipster as possible. Though, due to the fact I have to try so hard, I’m probably not one. Hipster or not, I find the hipster … Continue reading

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I Made Two Things Today

Or rather, yesterday, since it is past midnight. I made dinner, and it was delicious. Here’s the┬árecipe: Food For Thought More importantly, and more worth reading about, I made this blog. To learn more about me, just click on the … Continue reading

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